Yoga is for Everyone!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

"I am already a calm person, I don't need yoga"

"My body for sure can't do those types of things"

"Yogis are hippies, and I'm not a hippie"

Ever heard or said any of those? Maybe something similar? I had been taking yoga off and on for just over 3 years when I decided I wanted to teach. When I made the announcement I was immediately told that I wasn't 'flexible enough' to teach someone who doesn't even practice! It was scary. It was frustrating. It was discouraging. Here we are though! Teaching is my favorite part of each day and I'm here to tell you, yoga is for you... and everyone you know.

What is Yoga anyway?

The actual and literal meaning of the word ‘yoga’ is union. Yoga works toward bringing you into your mind & body. If we look back at the Sutras, the very first one speaks on being here and now. Your body, your mind, is here, now. There is union. In fact, the entire first book speaks on how to become fully aware. You are no longer an ‘other’ but yoga brings you complete belonging within yourself, or in other words, no part of you is in exile, there is union. Now, I can’t say I’ve dedicated my life to reading the Sutras over and over, but I honestly don't remember it saying the words flexible, hippie, or Instagram perfect anywhere.

What I see on Instagram and TV is NOT something I can do. Are you sure it's for me?YES! I promise it is. I hope through my blog & classes that I can teach you this in so much more depth. What if I told you yoga helped you to find inner peace? That it wants you to respect your body & mind? That it can help you overcome trauma, it's not religious, and it has so many more parts than just the physical practice? Would you believe it was for you then?

Love. Forgiveness. Grace. Namaste.

This line has been special to me for years. LFG was something I have talked about for years. When I really dove into yoga though I questioned if I meant those things towards myself, or others? I feel like ‘Namaste’ has become such a pop culture word that we often forget how truly beautiful the word is. It has a few translations but I like to sum it up; the light in me, sees and honors the light in you. I MEAN. Honestly I wish we could all say that to everyone everyday. It felt natural to add. These words truly sum up my yoga, religious, and life philosophy.

I hope you will message me your thoughts, questions, or things you are looking forward to on your yoga journey!

I'm so excited to share this journey with you! ANDDD if I have yet to convince you that yoga is for you, stick around because a ton of new blog posts and classes will be coming at you to prove it.


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