Yoga & Community Service

Join the 5 Day Service Challenge! #YogiServiceChallenge

YogiOakley focuses on Seva Yoga. Did you know that Seva roughly translates to selfless service? We have a give back model but are SO excited to announce our first actual service CHALLENGE! Learn more below & make sure you register!

Seva is to give from your heart. When you act selflessly, your heart aligns with your actions. You begin to light up from the inside out. You start to act, speak, and live your truth. When you shine bright from this place of giving, you unknowingly create a space where fear lessens and other people feel compelled to start giving themselves generously. To be in service to others is to help create a world where people give, support, and aid each other. -Kimi Martin

The Challenge

5 days, 5 emails, 5 community service challenges, and a lot of other free content! We live separate right now and will have to be physically distant for who knows how long! Grab a friend and lets stay social while we give back to our world in Covid safe ways! Join us: #yogiservicechallenge

Click HERE to learn more

Click HERE to go straight to registration


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