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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

How long have you been scrolling Instagram today? How has that made you feel? Have you judged your life, your body?

Well. First, stop. Second, let's practice yoga instead! Read this and then take a moment to journal about the question at the end. If you post about it, tag me. And as always, feel free to reach out if you things come up you need to share!

Let's talk about the ‘Yoga Body.’ If you've followed my blog or Instagram for more than a few days, then you already know how much I hate this. Yoga is not throwing your leg behind your head while balancing on your face. It is a practice. It is a lifestyle. It is becoming one with yourself - and that looks like a lot of different things, but it never means whoever is the most flexible is the best Yogi.

Welp. We all arent perfect and Yoga is a commitment to a lifelong practice (for everybody!).

My sister is a photographer and I asked her recently to take pictures for my site. Naturally, I went to Pinterest because for some reason, even though I'm a teacher, I couldn't think of a single pose once I got in front of her camera. We tried a few that I knew I had the core strength for but let's just say they were…..less than flattering. I groaned in defeat as I already struggle with body image and here is what happened:

Me: Ugh. Lets google poses for thicker yogis.

Sara: *rolls her eyes* What's a yoga pose for thicker bodies? Any yoga pose. I have thick thighs too.

Straight gut punch to my yoga heart. I preach this ALL THE TIME. How could I forget?

About two seconds later I was sitting on the ground, legs crossed, making silly faces because that is who I actually am and that is who I love being. Forever practicing, never perfect, loving every moment.

I had to give myself extra love that day to be thankful for my body. Forgiveness for how I treated it. And Grace to be okay with my slip up. My sister saw and honored the light inside of me - my true self. This is what I want to show the world. Love.Forgiveness.Grace.Namaste.

Calling you out today to offer yourself these same things. This community sees and honors you - for YOU. Let me know how I can support you in your practice and know that your body is the perfect yoga body.

In Sutra 1:33, Patanjali speaks on cultivating attitudes of love, friendliness, happiness, compassion, and empathy. He tells us to disengage with feelings of anger, bitterness, or things that would lead us to being unkind. In these words, he does not only mean to others, but to our own bodies and spirits as well. This is just one of many yoga philosophies that encourage us to practice self love, acceptance, kindness, and compassion.

Which one of these sticks out to you the most? How have you treated your body & image recently? Can you treat it better? What mantra will help you do that? What do you need to feel more comfortable with where you are in your yoga journey?

We must learn to speak to our bodies gently to truly align with yoga values. This is something I'm still working on daily and I'm here to hold you accountable as well. Comment below if you need support or would like us to create resources!


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