What is Burnout?

Take out a pen and paper and answer these questions with a yes or no. Try and think about the last three weeks and use that as your timeframe to answer. No maybe or sometimes allowed! Focus just on your last three weeks.

  1. I never have energy or feel rested. Even with lots of sleep!

  2. I feel like I can't sleep.

  3. I think I'm quicker to anger than usual.

  4. I.Dont.Want.To.Do.Anything. I have zero motivation.

  5. I'm under or over eating.

  6. Everyone is annoying and everything is bothering me.

  7. I'm really stressed compared to normal.

  8. I'm having more headaches and body aches but I'm not sick.

  9. I get the Sunday Blues before a work week.

  10. I can't seem to concentrate.

Did you say yes a lot? There is a HIGH chance you are burnt out. Our bodies and minds often burnout when we use them too much without care. Burnout can lead to a decrease in not only your mental health, but also your physical health! Burnout affects your ability to complete tasks, think clearly, take care of yourself/wellbeing, and even your relationships with other people.

Burnout often means that you are overworked or feeling ineffective at a point of pure exhaustion. It shares similar symptoms as chronic stress.

In times of stress, your brain and body release a chemical that helps you react. Think, your flight, fight, freeze, or fawn mode. Now, these reactions can be life saving! But, if you stay in them too long, they can also be incredibly harmful to your overall health. Enter, yoga and self care!

First, do yoga. Then, do the things.

Yoga works to help us find our way back to balance and can change the chemicals we send out. Have you ever just taken a really big breath after something stressful and felt the immediate sense of relief starting to waken? If you don’t believe me, I’m here to let you know it’s been scientifically proven!

Here are my top 5 poses to help with burnout.

  1. Child’s Pose

  2. Legs up a Wall

  3. Supine Spine Twist

  4. Belly Breath on Back

  5. Cat/Cow

It's important to recognize that we must begin with ourselves. When we can celebrate personal victories, be compassionate with ourselves, feel joy in our achievements, and forgive our shortcomings, life becomes easier and happier.

-Kelly DiNardo

Have you ever been told that self care was selfish? WELP. That is a lie. Self care is actually needed for healthy survival! So, each of you that spend more time caring for others than yourself - read that sentence again. Now, as your yoga teacher, I don't want you to just survive in a healthy way, but also to thrive, live, and find joy in that life. SO we are going to jump in head first, together, on the self care train. Did you know this does not just mean expensive facials and bubble baths, but can also look like doing the dishes, journaling, or putting your clothes away?

Dive in with me during the Burnout to Zen Out Challenge! It’s FREE and it is calling your name. Register HERE.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to message us with questions and concerns at hello@yogioakley.com

Hope to see you there and in the meantime, offer yourself love, forgiveness, grace. Namaste.


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