Sneak Peak at Yoga Types

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

How many types of yoga can you name?

For a lot of people I know, they can only name ‘yoga’ as a yoga type.

No worries, I will make them read this post sooner or later.

There are so many types of yoga and those individual styles can even be used for different and specific purposes. How many of these do you already know?

Hatha: General term for any pose based flow. Typically does not have ‘flows’ and instead is structured by doing one pose at a time on both sides. Groups ‘like’ poses together.

Vinyasa: Also known as ‘flow’ classes. Includes sun salutations and transition sets by the sequence: chaturanga, updog/cobra, downdog.

Ashtanga: Set sequence. A little aggressive and you must follow that exact order.

Power: Fitness oriented. Not what you think of as your typical ‘yogi’ class. Focuses on strength & endurance rather than posture.

Bikram/Hot Yoga: You do it in the heat! Often a script you have to follow. 26 poses. True (or OG Bikram) is aggressive and strict, though many studios have adapted.

Iyengar: Alignment focused. Moves at a slower pace and offers modifications with props. You hold the poses for longer than a single breath.

Yin: The goal is to get deep into your tissue. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes to allow you to grow into the pose.

Restorative: Meant for relaxation or recovery. Classes are often around 5-6 poses and often on the ground the entire class.

There are also styles very specific coming up everyday. Animal yoga, Buti Yoga, HypnoYoga, and so many others. Remember, this post is just a sneak peak!! There are many others.

All styles are not for everyone, but I promise there is one for you. Make sure to reach out to me with what style, type, or theme speaks to you the most! Ill be doing deeper dive blog posts on my personal practice (& YogiOakley's favorite, Seva) - so stay tuned!

If a physical mat practice is your jam- comment with which you relate to the most below...and remember #yogaisforeveryone


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