October 2020 Community Partner: Hunger & Health Coalition

Our first community class is here! We had so much fun in Boone recording live. The video is

available for purchase from Oct 1-31. All proceeds still go straight to HHC!

The Hunger and Health Coalition holds a very special place in my heart. As someone who struggled with food insecurity growing up, I immediately felt a connection with this place and their drive to help serve & feed our neighbors in need.

HHC was my first 'adult' job and I became who I am today there. I am so grateful for the mentors I had and the lessons I learned in that building.

Food it VITAL to an individual, yes to stay alive, but it can affect your life in so many ways. Growth. Nutrition. Brain function. Overall health. Ability to pay attention. Ability to learn. Sleep. Strength. And so.much.more. As yogis, it is important to not take this for granted and make sure that serving others is part of our daily practice.

Hunger & Health Coalition: Striving to help our neighbors in need.

HHC's intention is to alleviate the arduous decision with which clients are faced each month: food or life-saving medications.

Their mission is to be a resource for individuals and families within our community that are struggling to provide themselves with basic needs such as food, prescribed medications, and heat during winter. Love, generosity, and compassion guide their donors, volunteers and staff daily as they all work towards this goal. Want to learn more?

HHC Services

  • Food Pantry

  • Food Recovery

  • The Market

  • Healthy Start

  • Snacks for Scholars

  • Backpack Program

  • Prescription Assistance Program

  • Helping Hands Wood Lot

  • Sharing Tree & Senior Sharing Tree

  • Free Pharmacy

Things you can do:

Donate Now

Check out their events

'Shop' for a neighbor in need

TAKE THEIR CLASS! All proceeds from this YogiOakley recording go straight to HHC

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