New Year, New Me...NOT

Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

Happy New Year sweet friends!

Man, last year was a tough one, but take a second and give yourself a compliment, some good thoughts, and remember that making it through it is absolutely amazing.

Our last post we talked about starting off our year better than ever before. Recently we’ve also covered the ‘Yoga Body’

......plot twist, all bodies are yoga bodies.

Today we are going to revisit new parts of both. Who here made a resolution last week that involved changing their body? Starting a new diet? Hitting the gym an unrealistic amount of times? To stop eating treats completely? Well, I'm here to ask you to forget it and join in with me on a new way of thinking.

You do not need to burn off anything;

You do not need to detox your body;

You do not need lose weight;

To have value in yourself.

Maybe instead you:

Find a new hobby that allows you to move your body;

Look up new recipes for treats AND meals that provide your body good nutrients;

Create a schedule that allows you to find balance;

To find and gain value in yourself.

That’s right. We’re kicking resolutions and diet culture to the curb. Unfollow, mute, and block and social media accounts telling you to tear yourself down rather build yourself up. We’re not finding a ‘new you,’ we are gaining tools to grow the current you.

“Little by Little, a Little Becomes a Lot.”

Let's dive in.

1. Let’s exercise because HOW COOL IS IT THAT OUR BODIES CAN DO IT? And NOT as a punishment for that cookie you had last night. Eat the damn cookie and then reward yourself with a super fun Youtube dance video or a class with YogiOakley ;)

2. It is just as important to nourish your mind as it is your body. Repeat that.

  • Yoga brings together your mind, body, and spirit. What are you going to do with strong muscles when you are frozen with anxiety?

3. Resolutions allow us no room for improvement or process - you either pass or fail those suckers and who the heck wants that? Sometimes we get B’s or C’s on our way to making the Dean's list, ya know?

  • Resolutions directly conflict with your yoga practice. Yoga tells us over and over that it is literally #practicenotperfect. Resolutions only give you one pathway to achieve a goal. How much do we all hate standardized testing in school? Don’t do that to yourself! There are no little wins to keep launching you forward with resolutions, again you pass or fail the intended statement.

  • Intentions allow room for love, forgiveness, and grace. We’re a bit bias to those values around here. Intentions give you a variety of ways to access a goal (Ex. Move your body more vs Go to the gym MWF). You failed going to the gym MWF, but you moved your body way more than usual all 5 days of the week! Don’t ignore that progress. Celebrate it all. Celebrate you.

We are not a thing. We are a process.

Have you ditched diet culture and resolutions yet? I hope so! Need a few accountability buddies and you learn to love and nourish yourself? Join our FB group! We’re all here to learn, grow, and support one another as we embrace our values of love, forgiveness, and grace. Namaste.


PS. Need help kicking off your journey once you dump diet life? Click Here to download our first steps towards self love.

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