"The idea that we're all one is an easy concept to hold on to when you're not confronted with real suffering. But seva means going outside of your comfort zone and extending yourself when you might normally withdraw. I'd love to say everything I do is selfless, but there has not been one experience where I haven't gotten more from it spiritually than I could ever give." 

-Seane Corn, Cofounder Off the Mat Into the World


YogiOakley aims to teach individuals a well rounded picture of yoga. By learning strength and how yoga is part of your everyday life, both on and off your mat, we focus on selfless service, deepening our understanding of social justice, and learn to take care of ourselves along the way. 

Yoga translates to connection, it unifies our mind, body, & spirit. Seva translates to selfless service or giving service & compassion with no expectation of a return. It focuses mostly on the 'off mat' parts of yoga such as your values, ethics, meditation, and more. Through our practice, we begin to connect our mind, body, and soul. We begin to live in way that is more aligned with our true nature. We are then able to give back to the world around us. 

YogiOakley was built to help people realize yoga can be more than a mat and some twisted looking poses. It really is a lifestyle and it really is for everyone. Here we learn on the mat - strength physically & mentally. And off the mat - how yoga is part of your everyday life. We do this through classes, courses, & our give back model.


YogiOakley teaches students who are interested in giving back, who feel like they cant be a yogi unless they make it to their mat everyday, who feel unfilled, or are interested in being a better ally -- all things yoga off the mat. We teach students who are learning to love themselves, who are working on mental health strategies, or who are hoping to grow internally -- all things on the mat. To bring these together, as we said earlier, we focus on selfless service, deepen our understanding of social justice, and learn to take care of ourselves along the way.

Summed up into one sentence; We focus on servant leadership by learning yoga and growing stronger both on and off our mats. 





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