Emmy Knowles, RYT200, MSW, CQEP, Arrichion Circuit Trainer Level 1

Hi Y'all! I'm Emmy. I was born and raised in Knightdale, NC and just moved back from Boone a few years ago. Living in poverty and through food insecurity for years growing up was hard, but I had an amazing village around me. With their support, I graduated with my BSW & MSW in 5 years! The light given to me was something I started to wish for everyone. I started practicing yoga in college for fun, but have found it to be more and more vital for my mental health the further I get into my career. In addition to my RYT, I hold a Level 1 Circuit Certification from Arrichion. I am just your average imperfect person hoping to share my love for yoga and community with the world. 

When I first got into yoga, I thought there was no way I could be a yogi...and I also thought yoga was just poses on your mat. Did you know THERE ARE 7 OTHER LIMBS! WHAT! Why did no one tell me that right away? The deeper I got and the longer I was in the yoga world, I wanted to share it more and more with everyone, because I finally knew - Yoga is more than your mat. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is part of your everyday life. So, I became a teacher..but it wasn't enough for me. I needed everyone who kept telling me I would get so flexible as a teacher to understand the power of breath at work or journaling in the morning. Then I found Seva. I found nonprofits around the country doing amazing work that spoke to my soul. I knew I could combine my yoga life and my social work life and so YogiOakley was created! 

Yoga means union. The union of SO many things. We often see and read about yoga bringing together your body, mind, and soul. But, as a social worker I also see yoga bringing together self-wellness & community-wellness. We reach FULL EMBODIED wellness by working on our own mental health and using our transformed or healthy selves to work towards social justice and giving back to our community. 


As we get off the ground, we are focusing on building community, courses, and classes. However, with your help & passion, we can grow to so much more and really give back to the place we live. I hope you will join me!

See you soon!